5 Important Tips To Get You Through Finals!

The smell of spice cake and fresh cranberry sauce is still lingering as we get back into the flow of classes after a well-deserved Thanksgiving break. It feels like we simply blinked once and the semester was over. Now we are facing the inevitable approach of Finals Week.

Ahh, finals, the most feared and dreaded word that a student can hear.

As most of you know, the weeks leading up to finals the library will be at max capacity. Students will be cramming all the information they need into their brains. And Students will be scramming to get their coffee fix after to a night of sleep deprivation.Everyone will be stressing about what kind of impact their grades will have on their GPA.



While this mad rush may be a ritual that every college student is all too familiar with, finals do not necessarily need to be such a stressful time. Here are a 5 important tips to get you through finals:


  1. Do Any/All Extra Credit That is Assigned

          Extra credit can do wonders for your grade. It can bump your grade up by a whole letter grade. What’s even better? Some professors will even open up past extra credit assignments for those students who failed to complete them the first time! Your extra credit assignments have the ability to give you that extra cushion before going into your final, so make sure to get them done!


  1. Start Studying Yesterday

          Studies have shown that cramming before exams is not as effective as one would think. While you may pass the exam as well as the class, most of the information that you crammed into your brain will be forgotten within a couple of days. If you space out your studying between now and finals, you will be more likely to recall correct information more efficiently.


  1. Get Enough Sleep

The best thing that you can do for your brain before finals is to get an adequate amount of sleep. Being sleep deprived can lower your chances for that top grade that you are striving for. If you manage to go to bed at the same time every night, it will also help with your sleep cycles, which means more REM sleep!


  1. De-stress

Psychological studies have shown that stress kills your brain cells. If you are studying or going into an exam, the last thing you want to be is stressed! Make sure to de-stress yourself using methods that work for you. Some really popular de-stressors could include going to the movies with friends, playing video games, or getting a massage. Whatever decreases your body’s stress levels, do that! You can also check out NAU Health Promotion’s site for more resources and tips about stress.


  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Make sure your mind and body are both properly prepared on the days leading up to your exam with a healthy meal. Skipping out on meals, or eating unhealthy fatty foods can give you some unexpected health problems. And most importantly, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast the day of your exams, especially if you have early morning finals! You don’t want your stomach growling and distracting you.


I would wish you good luck finishing out the last few weeks of the semester, but if you follow our tips you won’t even need it. Make it happen guys and earn a stress free winter break assured of a solid semester on your transcript!


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Reasons Why I’m Thankful for My Job Featuring NAU Career Development at University College

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we tend to reflect on the things that we are thankful for. Here at NAU Career Development, we are all thankful for our jobs! Below are some statements from our very own Career Team on some of the reasons why we are thankful for the jobs that we have here at Northern Arizona University


Emily McCarthy (Program Director):

I am thankful that I have a job that challenges me in new ways…as a manager, educator, and person…every day. Every time I see a student engage and learn I am grateful. When a student reaches out to let me know they got their dream job it makes my day. I’m now in my third year here and we’re starting to really see impacts from work we started when I was new to NAU, and that makes every long day and sacrifice worth it! I also have the honor of working with so many talented professionals across NAU who have become friends and helped make Flagstaff my home.


Diana Sundermeyer (Internship Coordinator):

I’m Thankful for My Job because I get to work with a diverse and creative team of professionals who share my passion for empowering students to identify their strengths and navigate their unique career path.  I am fortunate to work in an environment where I feel encouraged to be my authentic self – both silly and serious, pragmatic and philosophical.  I am grateful that my supervisor and co-workers are supportive of my work-life balance. Every day at my job is different and I get to use my strengths, stretch my comfort zone, and make genuine connections with all kinds of people. I’m Thankful for My Job because it is a job that I can look forward to going to every day.


Jamie Paul (Program Coordinator):

I am thankful for my job because I get to work with so many lovely and kind students every day! I love hearing about their plans for the future, or watching them help each other out in class and in workshops. I think the very coolest thing about working at NAU is the sense of optimism and possibility that so many students seem to carry around in their backpacks, squeezed in along with a vast variety of experiences and viewpoints. I think many people who pursue higher education do so because they have the courage to picture themselves in a future that they can choose. They want to help create a world that is always looking for new ways to be better, and being a part of that drive and idealism is pretty infectious and inspiring! The many faculty and staff members who work at NAU are fabulous, it’s true, but the students are the mashed potatoes with melty butter. If you knew how much I love my mashed potatoes, you would totally get the reference.

 Laurah pic

Laurah Hagen (Program Coordinator):

I’m Thankful for My Job because I love being a part of University College, where there is energy and excitement about playing with new ideas. From planning a study abroad in Scotland, to developing brand new courses, I feel totally supported to experiment. Meeting students with diverse backgrounds who share their stories is always a great experience. I’ve learned so much from the Blavin Scholars, my UC 199 students, and others who I’ve met through advising and workshops. I’m Thankful for My Job because there are SOOOO many opportunities to continue developing as a professional! From Cassie’s fun and engaging HR classes, to Faculty Development seminars and conversations, to e-learning’s trainings on the Quality Matters rubric, there is always something to grow from. I’m also thankful for being part of a community of really talented professionals, who love to share their expertise. Best practices for BBlearn design? I’ll call John Dougherty in E-learning. How to design our website? I’ll call Brad Kamradt in marketing. How to publish a book? Connect with Cyndi Banks. I’m so thankful to be connected to all this talent! I’m also thankful for Jordan, the Starbucks barista, who seems to remember the name and preferred drink of every single person who goes there.


Amy Paul (Program Coordinator):

I’m thankful for my job because I get the opportunity to help students launch their careers. There’s nothing better than finding out that a student I’ve worked with was offered the job they want!


Vanessa Baptiste (Graduate Assistant):

This year I am thankful for my job because this is an opportunity many people in my country strive for. I am also thankful that this job allows me to see career development ‘behind the scenes’ with the most amazing people I have ever met. I am also grateful that I was given this job as a graduate assistant especially since it aligns with my passion for helping people live successful lives.


Erin Chastain (Graduate Assistant):

I am thankful for many things in my job at Career Development! I am lucky enough to get to work with students on campus in their process of finding a career, and I also get to collaborate with other departments on campus including both academic affairs and student affairs. I love the positive, supportive atmosphere that the team brings to work every day.  


AnaClara Rice (Lead Career Jack):

I am thankful for the wonderful working environment NAU Career Development has and the team dynamic we all share.  We are able to effectively work as a team; the best part is our communication as well as our ability to bounce creative ideas off one another.  It’s also great that the team has a great relationship, having that support allows for us to build strong ties as well as skills we can use in the future.  I am most thankful for having the privilege to be part of a great team where we all strive to provide the best for students and alumni.  It’s great being able to work with people who are passionate about their work and the impact it can make on others.  They have all taught us what a great team is like as well as helping each other become stronger and better professionals. 

April new

April Canseco (Career Jack):

I’m Thankful for My Job because I have such a fun and exciting team to work with. We help each other grow and learn everyday especially for the Career Jacks, we are learning how to develop our professionalism and transferable skills for when we graduate and are sent off into the world. I couldn’t ask for a better job. I’m also thankful for the ability I have as a Career Team member to work with my fellow peers and help them understand the value of a proper resume and how to get that job they want so badly. It is the greatest satisfaction when you meet with a student for a mock interview and they come back to tell you they got the job!

Emma 2.0

Emma-Leigh Enrico (Career Jack):

I’m thankful for my job because I get the opportunity to work with such an amazing team! I love to be able to empower students to reach their maximum potential and identify their strengths and weaknesses in their career search. Also, I am thankful to be able to learn new skills to develop professionally for when I graduate college!


Turner Kallen (Career Jack):

I am thankful for my job as a Career Jack because each day I come into work I know the sole purpose of it all is to help students benefit in there career success. Every other job I have ever had has never been as fulfilling as the one that I have now. I truly can say that it is a blessing to hear that students are gaining valuable information that will help advance them in their career and benefit them for the rest of their lives! I am also thankful that I get to work with such an amazing and kind staff.


Riley Orr (Graphic Design Intern):

I am thankful for my internship with the Career Development Team because it allows me the opportunity to gain invaluable graphic design experience!

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Career Fair Fashion Tips!

  • Dress for the right occasion! So you just wrapped up a racket ball game and you’re wearing a slightly sweaty gym ensemble? What the heck…why not make an unscheduled visit to the career fair? Before deciding to skip the shower and change into something more context-appropriate, consider the impression you’ll be making before you even open your mouth. If you don’t want to spend the first (and most important!) minute of your conversations explaining that despite the fashion choice you really are a prepared, professionally-aware student with big ambitions, then go home and change.

Here are examples of what to say no to..

Collage 1

  • Choose classy shoes, not club or gym shoes. Ladies, are you thinking about Platform heels? Strappy heels? Sparkly, colorful, or embellished heels? Save those for when you go out to celebrate after you have the job. For now, choose flats or low heels in black, another dark color, or nude. Gentlemen, debating between the fancy new sneakers, cowboy boots, or the brightly colored Vans? How about dressing to match the culture of the organization you’re working in after you know where you’re going to land. For now, go with brown or black oxfords or dress shoes.

Say yes to these!

Collage 2.0

  • Louie the lumberjack is our mascot, not our trendsetter. Show your school spirit by sporting plaid flannels and unkempt beards at bonfires and on chilly fall days, not at the career fair. Showing that you’ll be prepared to move on from college – by wearing a well-tailored professional attire and keeping any facial hair nicely maintained – is a great sign to employers about your maturity and focus.

collage 3

  • “Dress-up fleece” is still fleece. Yes, in Flagstaff we do have a high regard for all things Patagonia and North Face, and some of us will work in fields where this is actually what we wear on any given day (Hello, forestry.) However, showing that you can adapt to different environments and contexts is a professional skill, and many employers have noticed that recent grads don’t have it. Show that you can dress traditionally professional, when necessary, by forgoing the fleece and choosing a suit jacket instead.

Say no…

Collage 4.1

Say yes!

Collage 4.2

  • Unless you want to announce to the world that you’re returning your suit first thing tomorrow, remove the basting stitches. Basting stitches keep the folds of a garment wrinkle-free while it’s hanging on the rack, but they aren’t meant to be worn out. Check the vent of your jackets, the pleat of your skirts, and pockets for any visible basting stitches that should be removed.

Colage 5

  • “Sort-of professional” isn’t professional. Sure, you get a point for effort, but be prepared to lose 10 of them for short and/or tight skirts (even when partnered with a conservative collared shirt), tights or tight pants (even when topped with a classy blazer), or cleavage (even when visible only while bending down to add your name to a mailing list). Gentlemen, points will be lost for white gym socks (even if they’re the only clean ones you have left), untucked dress shirts, and backpacks (check your bags at the entrance instead).

Try to avoid these…

Collage 6

  • There’s a gulf – not a fine line – between professional and party make-up. What side of the gulf do lipstick in any bold shade, dark eyeliner, heavy mascara and colorful eyeshadows belong on? You’ve got it – the after 5pm side. For work hours, less is more. Select soft, light colors that enhance your natural beauty; make sure your make-up is low-maintenance so that getting the job done can be your first priority, rather than retouching your look

This is okay!

collage 7.1

This is a little too much…

Collage 7.2

  • Tattoos aren’t bad, but distracting recruiters with them is. When you meet with a recruiter, you want to make sure they’re listening to your elevator speech and hearing why you’re interested in their organization….not wondering about the story behind the gigantic rattler snaking its way up to your shoulder or what the date on your ankle represents. Make sure tattoos are covered fully, since as one HR exec said recently, “all things being equal, they will hire the more clean-cut employee.”

Collage 8

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Professional Dress for Less!

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost as much. Use these five strategies to build a professional wardrobe on a budget!


Hunt for Bargains. You can find amazing online deals on high-quality attire at 6pm.com, Overstock.com, and Amazon.com (search by % off in the left navigation tab). Often, last season’s clothing (which looks remarkably similar to this season’s clothing!) is marked down significantly. In Flagstaff, discount stores like Marshalls, Target and Ross frequently stock professional attire, and Goodwill has many nice pieces which can be given new life with dry cleaning.

professional dress

Start With the Basics. You don’t need a professional “wardrobe” while you’re on the job hunt, just a few great mix-and-match pieces for career fairs, interviewing and making a great impression during your first month on the job. As you gain experience with the culture of the organization and the style of your coworkers (and start earning a paycheck…!) you can begin building your wardrobe with pieces that express your unique style in an office-appropriate way.

gift card

Be Strategic With your Gifts. When your birthday or a holiday is approaching, help your friends and family give you meaningful gifts by suggesting professional attire, or gift cards to shops that stock the basics. You can show your appreciation by tagging them in photos of your new ensemble, and keeping them in the loop about your job search.

someones closet

Go Shopping in Someone’s Closet. Who do you know who has a great wardrobe, and wears a similar size? Ask your network of friends and family to loan you professional pieces for a day. To make sure you can continue borrowing their clothing, offer to dry clean what you wore before returning it.


Start with Secondhand Items.  Many people have lightly-worn professional items in their closets which they never wear due to being a different size or working in a new field with a different style of dress, and enjoy gifting these items to young professionals who are just starting out. Put the word out that you’re looking for gently used professional clothing online and through your friends and family, and be sure to express your appreciation for each contribution.

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¿Qué vas a hacer con tu tiempo en la universidad?

Student portrait in front of dormitory at college

Su primer año en la universidad puede ser emocionante pero un poco intimidante, especialmente si no conoces a una sola alma y si sientes como si todo el mundo a tu alrededor ya se conocen. ¡Todos hemos pasado por eso, y este es nuestro consejo…Participa! En la Universidad es cuando llega el momento de conocer una variedad de personas diferentes y de formar nuevas amistades que pueden durar toda la vida. También es el momento para explorar cosas nuevas y averiguar lo que le gusta o disgusta. Tómese el tiempo para usted mismo. En ese proceso, tienes que participar.

astronomy club

Hay muchas formas de participar en NAU y algunas de ellas incluyen unirse a un club o voluntariado. NAU cuenta con más de 200 clubes a  los que te podrías unir. Por ejemplo hay Astronomía, tiro con arco, vida griega e incluso clubes que son específicos para ciertas carreras como la justicia penal y la química. Si te parece que no puedas encontrar un club que realmente te guste, también tienes la opción de iniciar tu propio club .Uniéndose e a un club es una buena manera de encontrar tu nicho y sentirte conectado en NAU. Si estás interesado en unirte a un club puedes encontrar una lista de las organizaciones a través de True Blue Conectar.

true blue

Otra manera en la que puedes involucrarte es en conseguir un trabajo de medio tiempo en campus. Para aquellos que quieran (o necesitan) un poco de dinero para los gastos adicionales, esta es una gran manera de conseguir dinero y de estar involucrado en Northern Arizona University. Algunos programas que emplean estudiantes son, por ejemplo, el programa de Transición Académica que emplea estudiantes para ser Compañeros mentores. Ellos ayudan a los estudiantes de primer año y estudiantes internacionales para que puedan adaptarse a NAU con éxito. Otra excelente manera de que te paguen para interactuar con estudiantes es que trabajes como un embajador del Azul Autentico (True Blue). Embajadores del Azul Autentico trabajan a través del Departamento de Admisiones de Pregrado y Orientación para ayudar a mejorar la experiencia de los estudiantes nuevos y también para ayudarlos a conocer la universidad por medio de recorridos en ella. Estos son los estudiantes que interactúan con los futuros estudiantes durante la orientación. ¡Si te sientes seguro cuando hablas en frente de multitudes y eres amistoso y extrovertido, este es el trabajo en campus perfecto para ti!

college students sitting on the lawn

Como puedes ver, hay diferentes maneras de participar en NAU, sólo tienes que salir de tu habitación y no tener miedo a hablar con otros. ¡Este es el mejor momento para conocer gente nueva y salir de su terreno conocido para incluirse en la universidad! Sal y recuerda que tú eres NAU.

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First Year Seminar and Action Learning Team Programs

College can be intimidating as an incoming first year student. Campus is probably much larger than your high school was, and you may not have all the same friends as you did there. The First Year Seminar (FYS) and Action Learning Team (ALT) programs are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and get involved! Sr. Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Bechok described the programs as a, “not so typical learning environment, where students can feel engaged and empowered through topical [theme]-based learning programs. Students can focus on what they want to learn about in a hybrid small group environment.”

alt 3
With 30+ different course offerings, each FYS is unique in itself. Comics: Pow! Bam! Biff!, and How to think like Da Vinci are only two examples of FYS 121 courses, which count towards your liberal studies requirement for Aesthetic & Humanistic inquiry. Other courses like FYS 141 Climbing: History & Politics, which focuses on rock climbing, count towards your liberal studies Socio & Political Worlds credits. There are new offerings all the time built around specific areas of interest and social issues. Currently, there are over 1,300 students in the program and it is rapidly growing. With the addition of a Civic Engagement Minor students can participate in these programs throughout their entire college career. They offer a great way to progress towards your degree while exploring your interests, strengths and values so that you make the most of your time at NAU and graduate knowing yourself and the type of career you want to build.

NAU also offers the Action Learning Team programs, which complement the FYS and SYS classes. Action Learning Teams focus on student facilitated outside engagement. The Action Learning Teams can help students gain leadership skills through community partnerships, internships, and interdisciplinary interaction with students from all around campus. Through the ALT program, peers design and execute projects and accomplish goals centered on social or environmental problems relevant to our community in a supportive environment.

ALT pic
The Action Learning Teams are comprised of 1000+ undergraduates, 20 graduate assistants, 40 teaching assistants, and 50 community partnerships. Each unique team involves students from various FYS and SYS classes and focuses on social, environmental, and economic justice engagement while providing a dynamic learning environment on and off campus. There are a variety of teams working on projects ranging from Community Gardens all the way to Water Advocacy.

At Career Development, we are always pushing students to get involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and student involvement. The FYS, SYS, and ALT programs are a great way to start! You never know, you might fall in love with one of these programs! Many students get involved their first year with very little knowledge of the issues involved, and leave passionately dedicated to social or political activism. These programs can be for you even if you aren’t a first year student. Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Alumni, and Community members are all welcome to participate!

Find more information about the FYS, SYS, and ALT programs on the web. If you have any specific questions, please direct them to Senior Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Bechok at Elizabeth.Bechok@nau.edu.

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And The Job Goes To….Someone Else: 10 Strategies For Staying Resilient In Your 1st Full-Time Job Search

Brittney Lane, class of 2014, landed her dream job as an Undergraduate Business Advisor at Cal State, Fullerton after completing a Master of Human Relations. What did it take to get hired? No less than submitting 100 applications, attending seven interviews, and working hard to stay positive during six and half months of a full-time job search.

“There were times when staying motivated was incredibly tough.” Said Brittany, “The advice I received from my friends and relatives seemed unwanted and unhelpful. The work I had put into my college degrees is the reason I never gave up in my search. I reminded myself I had worked too hard in school not to try my absolute hardest at landing a job in my field.”

Brittney’s experience is not uncommon. How long it takes to find a job depends on many factors, including your major, industry you want to work in, and location. Often, finding your first full-time position out of college is not an easy or fast process; it’s common to spend several months or more applying and interviewing before receiving an offer.

In most cases, the hard work of preparing excellent applications and practicing interview skills eventually pays off. “After going through my search I have a different lens toward the work I do” Reflects Brittany. “If I am ever feeling down or burnt out I always think back to before I had my job and immediately find myself filled with gratitude for the opportunities I have. If I hadn’t worked hard to get to where I am now, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much.”

So, if your job search takes longer than you had hoped, don’t despair. Use the suggestions below to stay resilient while embracing the challenge of a job search:

Take a short class to develop a technical skill that will be useful in your field. Lynda.com offers tutorials on most software programs.

Volunteer for an organization that’s related to the type of work you want to do. Your experiences can give you fresh stories to use in your interviews, and you might meet professionals who can encourage or advise you.

Laurah 4

Take a temporary position to gain experience and develop transferable skills in a professional setting.

Don’t take it personally. The job market is extremely competitive, and organizations often write job descriptions based on minimum qualifications. Even if you meet all of them, the applicant pool might include people who far exceed those minimums, who are then selected for interviews.

Silence the irrationally harsh inner critic. Job searches can be isolating, and especially when it seems like all your friends are getting offers, it’s tempting to go underground and wallow in negative self-talk. Resist the urge to isolate; this is a time when you need support and encouragement from people who are close. Challenge yourself to think positive. Keep a gratitude journal. Look for the bright side.

Laurah 5

Learn from your experience. Brittany recalls, “The first interview I landed went terribly. I arrived much, much, much too early, which only gave me more time to sit around and make myself more and more nervous. I lacked confidence and spoke too quietly. I left feeling embarrassed. This was really discouraging, but I used this as a learning experience for future interviews.” After each interview or networking conversation, take time to reflect on your performance and identify and area for growth. Your confidence will grow as you see your skill developing!

Follow stories from your industry or field. Stay current on issues related to your field of choice by reading industry blogs, journals, newsletters, or following groups on LinkedIn. This information can be used to start conversations while networking or interviewing, to show you’re a serious candidate.

Network. Build your relationships with professionals in the fields that interest you by engaging your network of weak ties, performing informational interviews, and researching on LinkedIn. These conversations can introduce you to strategies for getting your foot in the door, and opportunities that have not been publicized elsewhere.

Laurah 6

Create a routine. For a few weeks after graduation, lazy mornings can feel like a well-deserved break. If the lack of structure begins to feel more like chaos, give yourself a routine. Treat the job search like a job, and schedule a start time, specific hours dedicated to searching new openings, writing application materials, networking, and keeping your skills and knowledge current. The structure can give you a sense of accountability and purpose.

Take time for the rest of your life. You’re a whole person, and a job search is just one part of it. Invest in other areas of your life to keep the job search from defining you. For example, keep up relationships (and talk about something other than the job hunt…), choose a fitness goal to pursue, or attend a workshop or retreat in something that interests you. Often, making progress in other areas of your life keeps your confidence high for the job search.

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Get Out Of Your Room!

Welcome back fellow NAU Students! As we begin this new school year, there are a lot of fun and exciting events happening on and around campus. While it may be tempting to snuggle up in your room and catch up on your favorite Netflix/ Hulu shows, we want to encourage you to GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM! There’s no better time to make new friends than at the beginning of the year during welcome week. Don’t know what’s going on on-campus and around the beautiful town of Flagstaff? No worries. We have compiled a list of events that you should definitely attend while enjoying the fresh air of the mountains and meeting new people!

president's BBQ

Welcome Week Event

Study abroad Fair

pitch perfect 2

County fair

First Friday

Labor Day BBQ

  • Labor Day BBQ: Monday, September 7, 2015 4:30pm-6:00pm @Campus Ministry Center

Community Fair

  • Community Fair: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 9:00am-3:00pm @ Union Pedway


*Another great way to get out of your room would be by joining a club and getting involved on campus! Be sure to drink a lot of water to keep from dehydration and be friendly to strangers. Go kick axe, Lumberjacks!

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Meet Our SmartAxe!

Ever wonder who creates these fabulous tidbits and features that help you connect college to career?  It’s our very own April Canseco. April joined the CareerJack team here at NAU Career Development at University College last spring. She was born in Indio, California, and grew up in Mesa, AZ where she graduated from Skyline High School. April is a junior this year, and she is studying criminology and criminal justice with a minor in psychology.


April is building up transferable skills as an integral member of the Career Development team. She is in charge of our social media campaign for CareerJacks Club and the Career Team. She creates content for the Backpack and Briefcase newsletters, organizes and curates content for Facebook, including our Job of the Day series, and facilitates Instagram and Pinterest campaigns, and manages @naucareer on


April is a member of the Latin@ Campus Working Group, and she is a Cuentos de Exitos project leader this fall. The CdE project is Spanish language event aimed at connecting Spanish speakers on campus with community mentors and leaders in order to highlight the benefits of being bilingual. April is passionate about promoting Spanish as a legitimate professional and academic language. So many Spanish speakers forget to even highlight their language skills on their resumes! She is hoping to raise awareness of the opportunities that open up to bilinguals in the career world. She will be writing a monthly Spanish blog series this school year with this goal in mind, along with her regular weekly features in English for SmartAxe.

Career Jacks
April is Vice President of the CareerJack Club, where she works with peers to connect college life to post graduate careers.  She has also been involved with MECHA and La Fe on campus. April spends her free time reading, baking, playing video games, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and wishing her dog, June, could move up the mountain from Mesa.

April 4

She wishes she had more spare time, but she is so busy encouraging herself to get out of her room and enjoy the many opportunities to get involved that it can be really hard to get enough binge watching time!

We hope you enjoy following April’s career advice here on SmartAxe. She is ready to help you create connections between college and career that will help you maximize your choices in the future and take charge of your life from semester one.

To connect with April at any time, or request coverage of any college career connection on SmartAxe, be sure to leave a reply here!

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Who is Coming to the Part-Time Job Fair: List of Employers

Apr 17 2014 061

Northern Arizona University Part-Time Job Fair 2015

  1. Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
  2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff
  3. Arizona Snowbowl
  4. Academic Transition Programs
  5. Youth in Action, Americorp
  6. CIE
  7. Follett (NAU Bookstore)
  8. Performance Staffing
  9. Little America Flagstaff
  10. Auto Owners Insurance Company
  11. Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock
  12. Grand Canyon Railway
  13. Civitan Foundation Inc.
  14. FACTS After-school Program
  15. SUN Entertainment
  16. Marc Community Resources Inc
  17. 4CornersTV.com
  18. NAU Athletic Department
  19. Sprouts
  20. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott
  21. Deckers
  22. Goodwill Industries of Northern Arizona
  23. Sears Holdings Corporation
  24. LOU Corporation
  25. HotFoot Recruiters
  26. Civic Service Institute
  27. Sodexo/NAU Campus Dining
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