Introduction to Personal Branding

What is your personal brand? Are you confused because usually companies like Coca-Cola and Disney have distinct brands? Creating a personal brand does not mean turning yourself into an object to be sold, but a way to distinguish yourself from other people through presenting a specific image of yourself. For major corporations, like Coca-Cola and … Continue reading Introduction to Personal Branding


Networking: Do you know who I think I am?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”? Sometimes this phrase applies to the job search. 75 to 95 percent of jobs are never advertised, instead candidates are plucked from the insider network.  Another applicant may be more likely to get the same job you … Continue reading Networking: Do you know who I think I am?

Finding Motivation

So we have two weeks left until break is over.  No wait…one week. Oh no… It’s actually a handful of days until we all return to the white capped mountains and soon-to-be-opened text books. While the energy of a new year is exciting, going back to school is not easy when you haven’t needed to … Continue reading Finding Motivation

Forget identity crisis, get some identity capital!

Your winter break is more than time to eat cookies and play video games. Having a month off is your opportunity to gain identity capital by making an investment in who you are now or who you might be next. Investments of time that build transferable skills, your knowledge of your strengths and interests, or … Continue reading Forget identity crisis, get some identity capital!

Why You Should Work for a Non-Profit

Are you looking for something different than the corporate world? One place to find meaningful work is in non-profits, where diverse people, majors, and opportunities exist. Non-profits are organizations with a unique tax exemption status that allows them to work towards a purpose other than a profit. The revenue for non-profits is usually obtained through … Continue reading Why You Should Work for a Non-Profit

How to Power Pose Your Way Through Life

Have you ever asked yourself why Wonder Woman is so full of confidence? The simple answer: Power Poses. Wonder Woman’s pose with her hands on her hips, chin held high, and chest out before she faces down a villain could be the key to her victories. Research suggests a correlation between your posture and your … Continue reading How to Power Pose Your Way Through Life

NAU Aquatic Center

The updated Wall Aquatic Center is in one of the newest buildings on campus, the Tennis and Aquatics Center. It opened to students on February 20th, 2016 and has hosted many exciting events since! Campus Recreation employs about 64 students each year to teach various classes and sessions at the aquatic center. Students teach campus … Continue reading NAU Aquatic Center

The Hidden Beauty of NAU Outdoors

NAU is a beautiful campus surrounded by dozens of hiking trails and camp grounds. One of the great features that NAU has to offer its students is the NAU Outdoors program. The program offers a variety of ways that you can experience the outdoors! For instance, the Wilderness Welcome Trips are 1-3 credit courses that … Continue reading The Hidden Beauty of NAU Outdoors

A Taste of Sweet Endings

Last week my coworkers and I had the pleasure of attending a dessert tasting event called A Sweet Ending in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. The tasting was for a class called Fundamentals of Cooking (HA243). The students are instructed by Chef Lecturer, Mark Molinaro teaches his students how to plan, organize, and … Continue reading A Taste of Sweet Endings

Psst… It’s not over yet!

We are in the last few weeks of the spring semester and the atmosphere seems to be a lot more stressful and tense than usual. There are students filling up the library in their final attempts to raise their GPA. But we’re here to help you make the most of your time before finals week! … Continue reading Psst… It’s not over yet!