Emily McCarthy

Emily McCarthy


Email: Emily.McCarthy@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-3922

Education: Graduate Certificate, Career & Workforce Development, The George Washington University
Graduate Certificate, Organization Development, Marymount University
M.A. Human Performance, Marymount University
B.S. Business Administration, University of Richmond
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

What experience most influenced your career, and how?
Coming to work at NAU after many years living in Washington, DC and working in the private sector was a huge change for me. It reminded me of the importance of following your heart and intuition – when making career decisions or any other big choices.

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Diana's Meet the Team Photo

Diana Sundermeyer

Coordinator, Student Employment

Email: Diana.Sundermeyer@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-7335

Education: M.Ed., Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, Western Washington University
B.S., Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy, Western Washington University

What experience most influenced your career, and how?
My career got its start with an undergraduate internship/fieldwork experience that I created for myself (and that I’m still amazed I was able to talk my way into). In hindsight, I wasn’t ‘talking my way into’ anything. I was building genuine relationships and networking with other professionals based on mutual benefit. That internship was extended and eventually turned into a full-time job that I was selected for, in a field that was only loosely associated with my degree, but the transferable skills I gained through my internship made me an excellent candidate. This experience came with a lesson that has followed me throughout my career: Networking isn’t as scary as it might seem. Just take the time to get to know people; learn what they are passionate about and listen to their needs. Be your authentic, hard-working self and tell them what you are excited about. And then find a way to work together to accomplish shared goals.

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Head-shot of Janea Byrne

Janea Byrne

Coordinator, Internships

Email: Janea.Byrne@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-9562

Education: B.S., Business Administration, Marketing, University of Arizona

What experience most influenced your career, and how?
It’s difficult to pinpoint one, but my summer internship in Italy after my junior year was an incredible experience that certainly influenced my career in more ways than one. I worked with an employer to create an internship where I could learn more about internal and external communication practices for a large corporation. I not only gained valuable experience in my future career field, but I completely immersed myself in another culture in a small town in Italy and built relationships with some wonderful colleagues and friends I met along the way. It was a step out of my comfort zone but so rewarding!

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Head-shot of Chrissy Speer

Chrissy Speer

Coordinator, Employer Engagement

Email: Chrissy.Speer@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-8710

Education: B.S., Hotel and Restaurant Management, Northern Arizona University

What experience most influenced your career, and how?
Since I graduated from NAU in 2001 I have always been in some form of hospitality or another.  From hotel sales to event planning and everything in between my hospitality career was always  focused around building  client relationships.  After 16 years in the hospitality industry in three different states,  I had the opportunity to come back to the university where it all started and work with employers to build relationships to benefit student success.  My experience in in the hospitality industry taught me that networking and building relationships is one of the most valuable skills you can gain in your career.  It is transferable into any other industry and has helped me in taking this new step in my current role.  It is so exciting to be doing something new while using the transferable skills I have gained through my past experience!

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Head-shot of Nicholas Rathbone

Nicholas Rathbone

Student Employment Program Coordinator; Career Development Specialist

Email: Nicholas.Rathbone@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-7099

Education: M.Ed. in Student Affairs Counseling, Northern Arizona University

What experience most influenced your career, and how?

Trying a bunch of different things to see what I liked (working with college students and helping people) and disliked (sales) to find my calling in student affairs.

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Head-shot of Andrew Mobbs

Andrew Mobbs

Career Development Specialist

Email: Andrew.Mobbs@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-0589

Education: MA-TESL, Northern Arizona University

BA-Writing, University of Central Arkansas

What experience most influenced your career, and how?

My career trajectory has been fascinating, but I think that serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer has been the most instrumental. It ultimately helped me obtain a graduate assistant-ship for my master’s program, which in turn qualified me to work three gratifying jobs since obtaining my degree (including my current position with Career Development).

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Headshot of Allyson Laesch

Allyson Laesch

Graduate Assistant

Email: Allyson.Laesch@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-8783

Program: Education Specialist in School Psychology

How will your experience working at NAU Career Development prepare you for your future career? 

I am learning valuable skills related to managing and motivating a team, as well as working with college-aged students. I also am learning how to balance many different projects at once. This will help me be able to juggle many responsibilities and collaborate with school staff in my future role as a school psychologist.

Kim revised

Kim Thomson

Career Jack

Email: Kim.Thomson@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-1087

Major: Nursing

How will your experience working at NAU Career Development prepare you for your future career? 
Working at NAU Career Development has been a great opportunity to gain new skills and enhance the ones I already have. This job has taught me how to use my transferable skills and make them perfectly fit the position whether I am applying for a job on campus or as a Pediatric Nurse! Also, everyone here is so supportive and are willing to go the extra mile to help each other with whatever they need, it’s very refreshing. Because of NAU Career Development, I will bring this support and passion to help others in my future career as a nurse, which will impact many lives.


Head-shot of Dyllan Cook

Dyllan Cook

Career Jack

Email: Dyllan.Cook@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-1087

Major: Nursing

How will your experience working at NAU Career Development prepare you for your future career? 
The experience gained while working with NAU Career Development will help me prepare for my future as a Registered Nurse in many ways. NAU Career Development teaches important professional skills needed to excel in the work place no matter what career path you may have chosen. Not only has working here given me tips on how to improve upon my own resume, but it has given me the skills and opportunities to work with and help many different types of people which are skills that I will carry with me into my future as an RN.


Head-shot of Zoe Weintraub

Zoe Weintraub

Career Jack

Email: Zoe.Weintraub@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-1087

Major: Interior Design

How will your experience working at NAU Career Development prepare you for your future career?

My experience working at NAU Career Development will prepare me for my future as an Interior Designer because of the interpersonal skills I have refined as well as transferable skills I have gained. A big part about being an interior designer is to communicate with your clients and understand what they need and want. I have refined these skills by assisting students as well as being a part of a team that works together to not only help students but each other!


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