Northern Arizona University is a unique school surrounded by a beautiful town and stunning landscape. Students love to take advantage of everything Flagstaff has to offer. Check out some of the fun ways to get involved at NAU and in Flagstaff. Use this time to build your network and gain transferable skills!


  1. Take a Hike.

There are trails all around Flagstaff, including some on campus, which you can check out on a nice day. Take Mountain Link to Buffalo Park, ask a friend for a ride, or rent the Car Share for only $8.50/hour! If you are a hiking enthusiast or just want to hike with a group of people, check out NAU’s Hiking Club. They go on weekly hikes and have a Facebook page if you want to go on a spur of the moment hike with other members.


  1. Visit Walnut Canyon.

Looking for an adventure and a step back in time? Check out Walnut Canyon. The fun, short hike down will provide you with beautiful sites. Take in the history of the area and learn something new about the culture of Arizona. The canyon is a short drive from campus, meaning there is no excuse for you not to go.


  1. Take an NAU Outdoor Adventures Trip or Class.

Want to get away from campus and see the beauty of the outdoors? Enroll in an NAU Outdoor Adventures class either for credit or just for fun. You will meet cool people, go on hikes, and hopefully gain a credit out of it!


  1. Listen to live music downtown.

Several different places downtown have live music all the time. Follow Firecreek, the Orpheum, the Green Room, and more on Facebook to see when artists are playing. Get a group of friends together or go alone and study while listening to good, live, local music.


  1. Take a group fitness class at the HLC

Whether you are an athlete or someone that hates the thought of running, there are classes for you. The classes are free to NAU students and are non-committal. You can show up for a yoga class one day, decide that you hate meditating, and take a boxing class the next.


  1. NAU Events

The great part about going to NAU is that there are always events happening on campus. Always be aware of the flyers on campus bulletin boards, the emails that are sent out, and the NAU events calendar to be ready for any event that happens. The more involved you are on campus, the greater your college career will be.


  1. Try to find the best café

There is an abundance of coffee shops in Flagstaff, thankfully since there are so many students here. Try each one out and find your favorite place to study, hang out with friends, or drink good coffee. Vegans and gluten-free people will rejoice as there are places all around Flagstaff that cater to restricted diets.


  1. Join a club with the same interests as yours

But seriously, join a club. There are clubs for almost any interest or passion that you have. If you like Biology, anime, Star Wars, or cats, there is a club for you. Don’t be afraid to just show up for a meeting. Clubs are always looking for new members. You may even meet your new best friend!


  1. Hang out on Center Quad

NAU students love sunshine and we take any chance to enjoy time outside. Center Quad is the perfect place to lay out a blanket and listen to good music. Also, there are always dogs there which is fantastic if you are like me and miss your puppy from home. Try slacklining and meet new people!

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

  1. Make an Appointment with NAU Career Development.

As a student, we all love free things that NAU has to offer, whether that is free food or free handouts. NAU Career Development offers free career help! There are appointments for your resume, cover letter, job search strategies, how to make your LinkdIn profile standout, career exploration, and mock interviews. Our services will aid you along your career path.



The more you get involved, the bigger your network is, the more you can add to your resume, and the better your college experience will be!


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