It’s orientation season on campus and NAU Career Development is here and ready to help you have the best orientation experience imaginable. These 7 steps were created to help you prepare and make the most of your NAU Orientation.

1. Dress for Success

dress for success

You know what they say: “You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Wear one of your favorite casual outfits to orientation so you feel as confident as possible and receive a positive response from people meeting you for the first time. It’s also smart to be prepared for all kinds of weather since Flagstaff weather can be so unpredictable, especially during monsoon season (mid-June through September). Wear summer clothes, but don’t forget a hoodie and an umbrella! You will be spending a lot of your day walking so wearing comfortable shoes is also a great idea.

2. Do Not Be Afraid To Come Out of Your Comfort Zone


In college, there are so many opportunities to try new things and discover yourself. You have the chance to discover new passions and hobbies that you will carry with you the rest of your life. At orientation, you should get used to the idea of stepping out of the box and trying things that you never thought you would like. The Orientation Expo is a great place to find out about new opportunities to get involved on campus. Having an open mind and a willingness to step out of your shell will pay off in the future. Want to find out more ways to get involved? Check out the student organization website here.

3. Ask Questions


No question is a stupid question, so ask away! Most likely, someone else will also be wondering the same thing you are. True Blue Ambassadors are a great resource. They are happy to answer any and all questions you might have, whether it be about where a certain building is or where you can get the best slice of pizza in town they are ready to help.

4. Utilize the Time With Your Advisor


Your advisor will be your academic guide during your time as an undergrad, so get familiar with them as they will be a very valuable resource for you as you proceed towards your degree. Your scheduled advising time gives you the opportunity to get some direction when picking out your semester courses and reassure yourself that you are taking the correct steps towards graduation.

5. Get to Know Your Campus


Hey, you’re already on campus, so you might as well do some exploring. To begin with, make sure you find the dorm where you’ll be living, the dining halls, and the library. If you’ve already registered for classes, figure out how to get from your dorm to the academic buildings where they’ll be held. Knowing your way around before classes start ensures you won’t be late (and you won’t be stuck in either the first or last row of seats).

6. Make Some Friends (However Temporary)


Sure, you may not be BFFs after classes start if you’re committed to different majors, but making friends at orientation will make the experience much more fun. It will also be nice to see familiar faces walking on campus or hanging out in the freshman dorms when classes start. Again, if you’re feeling a bit awkward or nervous, chances are everyone else feels the same. Don’t be afraid to talk to those complete strangers. Small talk may lead to some real connections.

7. Wear Sunscreen


Being out of breath isn’t the only consequence of the higher elevation in Flagstaff. It is also easier to get sunburned at higher altitudes! There is no doubt that you will be spending a lot of time outside during orientation, so wearing sunscreen and a hat can help you refrain from getting sunburned.

Now that you’re feeling prepared for Orientation and know how to make the best of your experience, make sure you stop by NAU Career Development’s table at the Orientation Expo or our breakout session presentations to say “hi!”. For more tips follow us on Facebook or visit our website. Have questions about Orientation? Contact Admissions or learn more here. Welcome to NAU class of 2021!


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