Getting ready for the last stretch of the semester? For people like me who have a million different commitments and thoughts on their mind, focusing on studying or filling out applications can be difficult. The right playlist can make any study or job search session more productive and even tolerable. Step out of your usual music station comfort zone and check out these Spotify playlists to help you make it through the semester.

april meme

1. Study Vibes

Late night study sessions requires slow beats and calm songs to keep you focused and not overwhelm your already tired mind. Study Vibes has the perfect playlist of electronic beats and minimal vocals.

Study vibes

2. Study Break

For those of you that love the Top Hits station on Spotify, but get distracted by the very loud and upbeat songs, the Study Break station fixes that problem. This station takes your favorite songs that are chill enough to ensure you won’t skip lines in your text book while singing out loud.

Study Break

3. Vitamin String Quartet

Do you hate the classical piano music everyone tells you to study to? Classical instrumental music may help you focus, but it is not for everyone. Vitamin String Quartet allows you to listen to instrumental covers of your favorite artists, like Taylor Swift and Coldplay.


4.  Six String Peacefulness

Put this playlist on and instantly feel as if you are at your go-to coffee shop with a musician playing acoustic guitar in the background. Be lulled into peacefulness and stop stressing that your test is tomorrow and you are only on chapter one. You’ll get it done.

Six string

5. 100 Most Uplifting Songs Ever

If you are having a bad day or haven’t heard back from any jobs you have applied to yet, this playlist will be sure to put you in a good mood and be ready to dive right into the books or job applications.
100 most

6. Movie Scores Study

Listen to songs from popular movies like Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and Skyfall.  The songs during fight scenes or montages will get you focused and determined to study or email 20 more companies about job positions.

Movie scores

7.       Disney Study

The perfect playlist for the college student that can’t quite let go of Disney. This playlist will make you nostalgic for your childhood and uplifted with the classic instrumental Disney songs. See if you can remember the words!

Disney study

8.       All Nighter

Finals week will come no matter how much we procrastinate or deny it. When you only have your name written on the 20 page paper due tomorrow, this station will get you through the night. The popular and fast paced songs will keep you awake for sure.

all nighter


You can use the playlists above or create your own. Don’t get caught up for hours making the perfect station and “forget” to apply to internships for the summer. After all, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” (Mark Twain).


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