Have you ever asked yourself why Wonder Woman is so full of confidence? The simple answer: Power Poses.


Wonder Woman’s pose with her hands on her hips, chin held high, and chest out before she faces down a villain could be the key to her victories. Research suggests a correlation between your posture and your feelings of confidence…or lack of thereof.

High power poses are open and relaxed, actually causing your body to release more testosterone (a hormone connected to confidence) and reduce cortisol (a hormone related to high levels of stress). Low power poses do the opposite. When your body becomes closed and guarded, your levels of testosterone decrease as your cortisol rises.

You may be wondering how power poses apply to your non-superhero-villain-fighting self. While you may not be teaming up with Superman on a weekly basis, power poses can help in every aspect of your life. Feeling nervous before an interview? Power pose. Writing a ten page paper that is due in two hours? Power pose. Trying to catch the bus from SBS to North campus as everyone gets out of class? Power pose. When you hold a high power pose for at least two minutes, the hormones in your body change and result in increased confidence.

Even more amazingly, the increased assurance you feel after standing in a power pose for two minutes actually makes others perceive you as more confident too.  When going in for an interview, the confidence you exude will be noticed by others. Your self-assurance demonstrates your ability to flourish at a job and could secure future higher positions.

So next time you have butterflies building in your stomach, power pose to give yourself the assurance you need. The confidence you feel will translate into your everyday life so you can feel like Wonder Women no matter what you are doing!

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