Ever wonder who creates these fabulous tidbits and features that help you connect college to career?  It’s our very own April Canseco. April joined the CareerJack team here at NAU Career Development at University College last spring. She was born in Indio, California, and grew up in Mesa, AZ where she graduated from Skyline High School. April is a junior this year, and she is studying criminology and criminal justice with a minor in psychology.


April is building up transferable skills as an integral member of the Career Development team. She is in charge of our social media campaign for CareerJacks Club and the Career Team. She creates content for the Backpack and Briefcase newsletters, organizes and curates content for Facebook, including our Job of the Day series, and facilitates Instagram and Pinterest campaigns, and manages @naucareer on


April is a member of the Latin@ Campus Working Group, and she is a Cuentos de Exitos project leader this fall. The CdE project is Spanish language event aimed at connecting Spanish speakers on campus with community mentors and leaders in order to highlight the benefits of being bilingual. April is passionate about promoting Spanish as a legitimate professional and academic language. So many Spanish speakers forget to even highlight their language skills on their resumes! She is hoping to raise awareness of the opportunities that open up to bilinguals in the career world. She will be writing a monthly Spanish blog series this school year with this goal in mind, along with her regular weekly features in English for SmartAxe.

Career Jacks
April is Vice President of the CareerJack Club, where she works with peers to connect college life to post graduate careers.  She has also been involved with MECHA and La Fe on campus. April spends her free time reading, baking, playing video games, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and wishing her dog, June, could move up the mountain from Mesa.

April 4

She wishes she had more spare time, but she is so busy encouraging herself to get out of her room and enjoy the many opportunities to get involved that it can be really hard to get enough binge watching time!

We hope you enjoy following April’s career advice here on SmartAxe. She is ready to help you create connections between college and career that will help you maximize your choices in the future and take charge of your life from semester one.

To connect with April at any time, or request coverage of any college career connection on SmartAxe, be sure to leave a reply here!


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