Your first year at college can be exciting but a bit intimidating, especially if you don’t know a single soul and you feel like everyone else seems to know one another already. We’ve all been there, and here’s what we have to say … Get Involved! College is the time where you get to meet a variety of different people and make new friendships that could last a lifetime. It is also the time to explore new things and figure out what you like or dislike. Take the time to figure yourself out. In that process, you have to get involved. Not sure how? Have no fear, we have compiled a list of clubs and organizations that could help you on your journey to discovering your passions and staying connected!

Peer Jacks

  1. Become a Peer Mentor : Connect with first year students as you become their mentor for their transition into college!


  1. Become a Resident Assistant : RA’s are a great resource for our residential students living on campus. You can also get the chance to create energetic and supportive communities where students get to know one another!

Edge Leadership

  1. The Edge Leadership Experience : Develop personal leadership skills and make meaningful connections as an incoming first year student through The Edge Leadership workshop! This is a great opportunity to apply a great transferable skill to your resume.

Legislative internsip pic

  1. Legislative Internship : Get the opportunity to work with the Arizona State Senate, Arizona House of Representatives, and the Arizona State Governor’s Office, as well as the Arizona State Supreme Court!


  1. CSI : The Civic Service Institute provides an extensive variety of volunteering opportunities for students! Meet the needs of people and neighborhoods throughout Arizona and fortify them through service and volunteerism.


  1. Green NAU : Support sustainability! Join NAU’s Student Environmental club and become a Green Jack or volunteer through a variety of their community programs!


  1. FACTS : Work with children ages 5-13 through this community-wide before and after school program and get a chance to provide academic and enrichment opportunities!


  1. Gilman Scholarship : Receive a scholarship to pursue an Internship abroad and further your skills to work in this global economy and independent world.

study abroad

  1. Education Abroad: Build up your global skill set by going abroad and learning to navigate in a multicultural environment, meet new people, and see the world through the Education Abroad programs!


  1. Undergraduate research: Enhance your education by participating in research in your field or major. This is a great way to learn invaluable skills that can be applied to your resume!

nau quidditch

  1. NAU Quidditch Club : Yeah we’ve read the books and seen the movies… and you can finally play without having to go through Platform 9 ¾ All you have to do is show up to practice, pay a small fee and compete in the National Quidditch Association all while having fun with your teammates!


  1. Jobs for Jacks : Another way to get involved is by using Jobs for Jacks, NAU’s online employment database for students, graduates, and alumni! Create an account with Jobs for Jacks and you can have access to a list of employers, internships, and full-time job positions looking to be filled by you!

Archery Action EDITED

  1. Northern Arizona University Archery Club : If you have the urge to learn about archery, this is the club for you! Whether you are a skilled archer or you’ve never shot an arrow before, you can join and it’s FREE!


  1. Residential Learning Communities : Join a RLC and live in the same residential hall with students who share your major! Participate in activities organized by your RLC and form strong connections between students, faculty, and staff! This is a great way to meet new people as well as receiving support when it comes to your academics.

KA sorority

  1. Greek Life : Are you thinking about rushing for Greek life? Sororities and Fraternities are another great way to get connected on campus by getting involved in leadership, community service, and friendships that will last a lifetime all while learning invaluable skills that could give you the edge when looking for employment!


  1. M.E.Ch.A : Are you looking for a group that strives for the empowerment and liberation of Chicano/as in higher education? This is the club for you! M.E.Ch.A has a whole group of students who make every effort to promote the Chicano philosophy, and you don’t have to be any specific gender, nationality, or orientation to join this club!


  1. HAPA : The NAU HAPA Hawaiian Club helps Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian students with their transition into college and gives them a sense of engagement and belonging on campus. This is a great way to get involved and help other students feel comfortable at NAU along the way!


  1. BSU : The Black Student Union is another great way to be involved on campus! BSU strives to keep their students involved and active in the community and aware of the issues around them. They build up professionalism, community, and promote black culture at NAU.


  1. Sports Clubs : NAU has a great variety of sports clubs on campus, including Men and Women’s Lacrosse! Get involved on campus by joining a sports club and competing with your team!

NAU Outdoors

20. NAU Outdoors : NAU offers trips and classes that allow you to experience the outdoors in a whole new way! Some of the adventures include backpacking, hiking, and white water kayaking. Don’t pass up these amazing opportunities that you can take advantage of right in our backyard!


21. True Blue Connects : Still haven’t seen something you’re interested in? Go to True Blue Connects to find a list of resources for more student organizations to help you get involved! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, start your own club! You only need four friends, a faculty or staff advisor, and a constitution detailing your clubs purpose.

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