Sarah McGee, Class of 2007/2011

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities with an Emphasis in Sustainable Architecture and Design

Business Manager for SappSuperStarSports

Sarah in 2007 while at NAU
Sarah in 2007 while at NAU

What was your career plan during college? Did this change once you graduated?

“My mind seemed to change daily about what career path I wanted to take when I was in college. I alternated between Interior Design/Architecture and the world of Fitness/Athletic Training/Physical Therapy. I ended up graduating with an Interior Design degree and then went on to pursue a second degree following the Architectural/Design industry. I worked as an Architectural Designer for many years (about 8 years), while pursuing fitness and personal training as a hobby or side job. I was a Personal Trainer and Dance Instructor on the side for many years because I still could not choose between the two worlds indefinitely!”

How did NAU prepare you for your career?

“NAU helped me with my professional and academic writing, it taught me how to present and speak publicly with confidence, it taught me how to think critically, network with other people, be creative and open minded, and how to efficiently manage my time.”

Where are you now? Please tell us about your current career, job location, and pros/cons.

“I live in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and I am the Business Manager for SappSuperStarSports, LLC. ( SappSuperStarSports is a Sports Promotion and Management Company. We represent and work with a lot of NFL, MLB, and NBA athletes to help them secure endorsement deals and/or find opportunities for marketing, sports events and entertainment for them. We also work with outside consultants and businesses to do their sports marketing for them. I also still teach dance on the side.”

What advice do you have for current NAU students?

  • Be open to networking and meeting new people. I have always obtained jobs quickly because of the people I know and the connections they have.
  • Have tremendous initiative and be a self-starter. This shows people that you are able to make key decisions on your own and that you are a leader. It has been my experience that no one will make the opportunities come to you, you have to actively seek them out!
  • Learn from other people’s mistakes and always stay coachable.
  • Don’t be afraid to try to new things! This makes you more marketable and valuable to employers if you have a wide array of different skills.
  • Take as many continuing education classes as you like!!! Learning and knowledge is the key to molding a better world for yourself.
  • Lastly, I find inspiration in everything and keep a log or journal of things that are memorable to me. I’ve been able to track my progress over the years and I can see how far I’ve come, which gives me great motivation to keep going!!

What was your favorite part about NAU Flagstaff?

“My favorite part of NAU in Flagstaff was the charm of the campus and it’s evolution of it’s architectural history portrayed. The different architectural vignettes provided a perfect landscape for learning and inspiration. The campus exudes happiness day in and day out.”


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