Dave Compton

Political Science, Minor in Accounting

Software Engineer/Technical Architect at AT&T in Chicago

Dave Compton

What was your career plan during college? Did this change once you graduated?

“My reason for attending NAU was to major in forestry. Then I decided I wanted to become a lawyer so majored in PoliSci. After a professor got me an internship for the summer, I rented a trailer from a women that did forest fire fighting in the summer, I decided I didn’t like the lawyer idea. Another professor convinced me to attend Thunderbird down in Glendale. That led me to a career in International Human Resources for about 13 years. I even got my biography in Whos Who in the World/America. I always liked computers so attended graduate classes at Pace University and University of Illinois and started my own business as a Microsoft Solution Provider for about 7 years. Eventually I did some consulting work with AT&T and joined them in 1998. IT is a great career choice because of the demand and there are various areas that don’t all require programming skills.”

What advice do you have for current NAU students?

“A liberal arts degree, in my opinion, still an excellent way to develop job skills. It teaches you to read, write, debate and think! Today, you can get specific job skills via online courses and certificates to specialize in areas in which you might want to work.”

What was your favorite part about NAU Flagstaff?

“Flagstaff was the most beautiful places I have lived and that includes London, Stockholm, New York, Connecticut, San Francisco and a summer in Guadalajara Mexico. I would love to move back there when I retire and use my IT skills to help the University. Go Lumberjacks!”

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