Ryan Bye, Class of 2011

B.S. in Geography, M.Ed in Higher Education Administration

Higher Education/Residential Learning Coordinator

Ryan Bye (2)


What was your career plan during college? Did this change once you graduated? 

“My career plan in college was to work in the public administration field. I thought about working as a city planner, GIS, those kinds of things. However, in my junior year, I was working as a second-year Resident Assistant and I discovered that I could have a career working with college students. I was loving my experience at NAU and I knew I wanted to help ensure that future college students had an equally as amazing and transformational experience as I did.”

How did NAU prepare you for your career? 

“NAU allowed me to become the person I am today. While at NAU I was able to take classes that taught me how to think, work with a diverse group of students that allowed me to develop problem solving skills, and I was able to explore my passions.”

Where are you now? Please tell us about your current career, job location, and pros/cons.

“I am currently working as a Residential Learning Coordinator at Valparaiso University. I oversee a residential hall while serving in a variety of other collateral roles across the campus. I graduated two years ago with my M.Ed in Higher Education Administration and love working in this field. I plan to someday serve as a Dean of Students (maybe at NAU – what do you think Dr. Brandel?). Everyday I have the opportunity to work with college students who are preparing for their vocations. It is truly an honor to help students on their path for excellence. This field also allows me to feel engaged in a community and have fun while I’m doing it!”

What advice do you have for current NAU students?

“Try new things, get involved, and dream big. There are amazing opportunities at NAU and some really great faculty and staff who will work with you to accomplish your dreams. Set your bar high and you will be amazed at what you are able to accomplish.”

What was your favorite part about NAU Flagstaff?

“It is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. I have traveled quite a bit since I graduated and the beauty of NAU’s campus and the surrounding area is just as breathtaking as it was the first day I stepped on campus.”



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