John Clark, Class of 2012

 B.S. in Finance, Minor in Enterprise Systems

Retail Fulfillment Analyst with Nike

John Clark

What was your career plan during college? Did this change once you graduated?
“My plan changed quite a few times during my college career (as did my major). Leading up to graduation I saw myself staying in Flagstaff and working in the Real Estate industry. However, I landed a job with an IT consulting firm and decided to take that instead.”

How did NAU prepare you for your career?
“The classes I took in both Finance and Enterprise Systems were invaluable to my career. These include database, programming, finance with excel focus, and all classes that forced me to stand in front of people and present. Todd Johnson is the professor to whom I believe I owe my career! Aside from the classes, NAU offered me many connections to get jobs while in school that gave me a strong resume that led to the career I have today.”

Where are you now? Please tell us about your current career, job location, and pros/cons. 
“I live in Portland, Oregon and work for Nike. I love my job. I am constantly working on the cutting edge of eCommerce/retail/supply chain solutions. The work/life balance is unmatched – it certainly doesn’t hurt that I get to play basketball over lunch! The cons are few, but it can be tough to make changes happen quickly in a large company. I’ve found that acting on initiative and vetting out ideas/solutions with quantitative data makes a huge difference.”

What advice do you have for current NAU students?
“Join every club, honor society, service group, etc. that you even remotely interests you. Do more than you think you’re capable of. It’s better to give up some activity or club because you’re stretched thin than to look back and feel you did less than you were able to. Take local internships (where you often have more opportunity to be creative and make real changes). Learn to quantify your experience for your resume and job sites like LinkedIn. Accept jobs/tasks/etc you don’t think you’re qualified for and force yourself to adapt and grow.”

What was your favorite part about NAU Flagstaff?
“The people. I met several life long friends through school, clubs, work and rec sports. I will always have a special place for NAU Flagstaff in my heart. Also, the views. I never got sick of the breathtaking scenery surrounding Flagstaff. I always look forward with great excitement to returning to Flag!”


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