Everyone can agree that we’re all a little bit obsessed with double-tapping to like our friend’s Instagram post of her Macy’s special, tagging ourselves in at our vacation destination on Facebook, or even adding a million dog pictures to our Snapchat story. While social media is great to connect with our friends and family and let them know what we’re up to, we can also use it professionally with LinkedIn.

Another one of the tools LinkedIn has – see where NAU students and alumni live, where they work, and what they do!

LinkedIn is basically an online professional networking and job search tool; the “Facebook” of the professional world as others call it. As it continues to grow and more and more professionals use it, you don’t want to be left in the dust. It’s better to start building your profile now as opposed to later! Don’t have one? No problem! In these blog posts, I go over the basics in Part I  such as how to set up your profile and the ‘good stuff’ such as how to network and add personalized messages in Part II.

Increasing membership is yet another incentive to join this social network. LinkedIn has just reached a milestone of over 300 million members! Did someone tell you only people in tech or finance use LinkedIn? That’s no longer true and LinkedIn’s industry membership now includes healthcare, construction, and education management in addition to technology and finance. I encourage you to create an account sooner rather than later so you can be a part of these milestones!

So take the time out of your summer day, log out of Facebook, and use my tutorials to get your profile started. You will be glad you did once you start connecting with other professionals and get your job search started!


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