Juniors…it’s your turn!  Here is Part 3 in our series about what you can do each year at NAU to prepare yourself for your career. If you missed it, check out our Freshman and Sophomore posts.130430GatewayStock0566

Graduation is getting closer, so this is an exciting time to excel in your upper level classes and continue to prepare yourself for what comes next. No matter what your plans are after graduation, junior year is a wonderful time to continue to build your resume as you seek out experiences to stretch yourself. Many juniors participate in research projects, study abroad, complete internships, or take on leadership roles with campus or community organizations. Choose opportunities that will be meaningful to you and make sense given your interests, class schedule, other commitments, and future goals. As you gain new experiences, be sure to update your resume and keep a current version in Jobs for Jacks. When documenting your experience on your resume, be sure to use a variety of action verbs to engage potential employers or graduate schools.

Junior year is a great time to craft your “elevator speech,” which is a 30 second introduction to who you are, your strengths, and your professional or academic interests. Practice your speech with roommates, friends, mentors, or even your cat to make sure it flows and hits all the key points. Next, try it out with recruiters from organizations where you may be interested in working or going to graduate school. NAU hosts several Career and Graduate School Fairs, and some employers and graduate schools have tables in the union or hold information sessions for interested students. Check the Career Events calendar and follow us on Facebook for information on these events.

If you haven’t set up a LinkedIn account, this is a great time to do so you can connect to the recruiters you meet at job and career fairs (get their business card!). Continue to build your network this year, both in person and online. Those connections will be invaluable as you search for jobs, apply to schools, and learn more about areas where you may want to live, or seek out references. Maybe someone you met at a career fair heard about a recent job opening you are interested in! This is just one example of how networking with LinkedIn could yield awesome benefits.


If you are a little nervous about your interview for that internship, summer job, or other opportunity, consider scheduling a mock interview with Gateway Career Services. We are here to help you practice your interviewing skills and to provide you with constructive feedback. Gateway Career Services can also interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or Strong Interest Inventory for you. You can complete these assessments for a small fee at The Testing Center located at the Franke College of Business. The MBTI can help you learn more about your personality holistically, as well as related to career, while the Strong Interest Inventory focuses on identifying your interests and linking them to potential career paths.

Although this is a stressful time, remember that you’re making strides towards your goal of graduating and taking your next step in your exciting career journey.  Gateway Career Services wants you to land your dream career and we hope you use these tips to achieve that!



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