With the new class of 2017 pouring in for orientation, Jobs for Jacks has seen a lot of wear and tear the past couple of weeks. So many students are making accounts (WHICH IS AWESOME, by the way) and their resumes are coming with it. I’ve seen the best and worst of resumes. For students that have not made an account or resume yet, be sure to avoid these mistakes:

1.     Avoid personal information

Personal information includes age, sex, marital status, religious views, ethnicity, and anything else. While employers are legally prohibited from asking you this information, it is important not to even include this in a resume because it will protect you from discrimination.

2.     “Maybe I should include one of my senior photos on my resume!” DON’T DO THIS. Please.

This goes with the 1st point. This is private information that should never be included on a resume.

3.     Putting your high school under “Education.”

Once you are out of high school and in college, there is no need to put this information. Likewise, adding every single extracurricular you did in high school is also not relevant. You CAN, however, put something if it is very relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are a sophomore applying for a Peer Jacks position helping students with issues, you can put that in high school you were an assistant student counselor since it relates well with the position.

4.     Sorry, but employers do not care about your love for yoga and frisbee collecting.

Unless you are in a yoga club or frisbee collecting organization, you should not include hobbies.

5.     Putting a long paragraph about why you are good for a position or what your skills are.

The point of a resume is a brief summary of your experience, education, and skills. There should never be full sentences or paragraphs in a resume. If you are applying for a position and want to “talk about yourself”, you should put this information in a COVER LETTER.

To see sample resumes and cover letters, check out the ones on Career Services website: http://www4.nau.edu/CareerServices/Resume.htm

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