At first I thought the recruiter was lying to me. Free catered lunch every day? Staff retreats at a beach house? Puppies in the office? A dress code featuring T-shirts and jeans?

If you’re skeptical too, watch this clip about ZocDoc. They just opened a new office in Scottsdale, and are looking for motivated, ambitious NAU grads to join the team. One of the perks is so, um, unusual that I can’t even publish it on a university-sponsored blog. (But you can  read about it here on page 27…!)

We’ve found that our students are happiest in their employment when they’re a good “culture match,” when their personal values are reflected in the culture of the organization. So, if you value creative environments, having lots of freedom to solve problems on your own, and social interaction, you might want to check ZocDoc out.

And…if any NAU grads can fandangle me an invitation to that beach house, I’d be very much obliged.


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