Finals are looming ahead and it’s time to get those gears into motion. Check out these study techniques to help you get that A+ and good luck!

1. Avoid the distractions of social media.

Deactivate facebook, twitter, or instagram if it’s too distracting. Turn off your phone or data. This will stop the temptation to update your status to: “Studying!!!! LOL!!!!”

2. Set the mood.

With some classical Pandora. Depending on the type of person you are, music can get your mind into focus. Use sites such as 8Track, Pandora, Spotify, etc. to play music. Classical music is a great way to make you focus yet not distract you. Classical study station, instrumental, or acoustic guitar are great stations on Pandora.

3. Find the perfect location.

If your room is too distracting, find another place to get your study on. The library, outside (if the weather permits) or a coffee shop can be great places to focus.

4. Start early. Don’t wait until the day before to cram!

Figure out what day your exam is. If you expect it to be harder than the other exams, start earlier. Make a study schedule and by studying earlier, you will be more efficient and retain information.

5. Take study breaks.

Don’t overheat and crash. Ha ha. But really, take a break every 2-3 hours to get a snack or just rest your mind.

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