So…the Career Fair is next Thursday. Have you assembled your outfit yet? Have you even bought it?! Don’t worry, I haven’t either, fellow procrastinators. Here are some last minute tips for gentlemen and ladies on Career Fair attire.


1. Don’t forget to cut off the stray threads on new suits. Often they can be in places that you can’t see! Take a quick scan over your suit, grab a pair of scissors, and you’ll be looking professional.

stray threads!

2. Choose a 2-piece matching suit with conservative colors: navy, black, grey, etc. Make sure your shirt is a nice long-sleeve dress shirt in a complementing color. Avoid suits like these…


3. Your tie can be the element of your outfit that you can let reflect your personality. Don’t go with crazy or ridiculous patterns, but you can choose a color or pattern that “pops.” Make sure you don’t choose a striped tie when you already have a striped shirt. Here is a great career fair outfit:


4. DON’T FORGET to be well-groomed! Take a shower, put on deodorant, comb your hair over (add a dab of hair product if it’s longer), brush your teeth, and SHAVE!

5. Check out this great diagram on what to wear for men – it includes how to tie a tie and other great tips:


1. If you decide to go with a suit, stick with neutral colors. If you choose a fun color or pattern for the skirt, complement it with neutral colors for the blazer/top. Make sure you wear nylons with the skirt.


2. Wear a nice dress shirt, sweater, or blouse underneath your blazer. Avoid low-cut (cleavage showing) and flashy shirts (sequins). You can go with a nice color to make your shirt pop against the conservative colors of your outfit.


3. A skirisn’t always necessary! If you go with slacks, make sure they aren’t too long at the bottom and drag on the ground.

4. Choose coordinating flats or heels. This isn’t the club, leave the 4-inch pumps at home! Medium-height heels are perfect.

5. Jewelry: Avoid flashy and large jewelry pieces. Leave the bling-bling at home!

6. Makeup/Nails: this isn’t a beauty pageant so you should forget the smokey or blue eye shadow. Go with nice neutral shades for a more natural look. For nails, stick with nude or natural colors as well.

7. Hair: Keep your hair well-groomed and modest. Avoid over-teasing and hairsprays (fire-hazard). Use your judgment about crazy hair colors (non-natural) and hair fads (ombre, feathers, tiger stripe highlights).


8. Piercings: Take out face piercings or any other visible body piercings but you can leave 1-2 traditional ear piercings in. For non-traditional ear piercings (cartilage, tragus, conch, rook, industrial bars, etc.) use your judgment. Take it out if possible, but if not, put in a small and conservative stud. The goal is not to be distracting!

9. Tattoos: Are you aware of your potential employer’s stance on tattoos and piercings in the workplace? If you have many visible tattoos, decide how you feel about covering them up.

Good luck on finding your perfect outfit!

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