I was browsing the Brazen Careerist when I found this awesome article…


This sounds really corny, but it spoke to me. I’ve always been a big supporter of finding a “passion” and I like how this article talks about how you don’t necessarily need to be “born” to love something. It also talks about how passion isn’t necessarily innate – Cal Newport (author) says to “pick an interest and roll with it.” There’s even an equation given to find passion. Being a science major, equations are TOTALLY my thing…if you can put a science behind something; it makes more sense to me.

I feel like a general consensus is that people were born to do certain things – yet this guy, Newton, says that passion is CULTIVATED. There is no right or wrong choice. This is where the equation that I was talking about earlier comes into play:

(curiosity + engagement) x time = PASSION

Anyways, for those who are looking for their passion – check out this article. It explores how the company we keep, having curiosity, and engaging in your interests all cultivate passion.


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