Career Exploration. When it comes down to it, college students either have a path set out and know what they want to do, or they’re completely lost. For those who are lost…I have an answer for you: volunteering.

Not only is volunteering good for self fulfillment and giving back to the community, but there are many benefits career-wise. By trying out different volunteer positions with different organizations or companies, you can determine what you like and don’t like. Who knows…you could end up finding your passion!

1. Volunteering is a great networking tool.

Volunteering allows you meet a plethora of new people. These people could help you out in the future! Even if they know of someone who knows of someone that’s hiring for a new tutor, that’s networking and something you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t volunteered.

2. You can gain valuable job skills and career experience.

Instead of getting money out of volunteering, you are gaining skills and experience. Interested in health? Instead of going to that frat party, volunteer for a few hours at the hospital on the weekend. Or maybe you love working with kids…talk to your local elementary schools about volunteering!

3. How to find the right volunteering position:

First, think of 5 hobbies that you love doing. Then turn this into a way to volunteer. Do you love sports? Think about volunteering at a rec center. Go from there.

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities right here in Flagstaff:

Get to it!

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