Currently, Career Services is hiring another “Career Jack.” It’s a little weird watching the process because it’s the same thing that happened when they were deciding on hiring me.

Anyways, we had about 20 people apply to the position. About half of them were weeded out because they didn’t know how to write a resume/cover letter. It all came down to about 5 people, most of which had DECENT resumes/cover letters. This is disturbing – only 5 out of 20 people know how to make a decent resume?

This is why I am going to spout off some quick facts on resumes that everybody should know:

  1. Never include any personal information (age, sex, ethnicity, marital status, religion, citizenship status)
  2. Don’t talk about your hobbies; keep it professional. You’re trying to get a job, not a new badminton partner.
  3. Keep all the formatting consistent. If you bold one title, bold all the others.
  4. Put references on a separate page (or you can say “References available upon request.”)
  5. Don’t put your picture on your resume.



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